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When should I file a claim?

We only recommend filing a claim if there is legitimate damage to the property and an active hail date that we could use to file a claim with the insurance provider. This way we can sync hailstorm events with the insurance’s records.

However, before all this takes place we recommend you have a licensed professional out to inspect the property. They will build a proper inspection report to submit to insurance, which will greatly increase your chances that insurance will cover your roof repair or replacement.

Do my insurance rates increase for filing a claim?

Your insurance premiums do not increase for filing a claim. However, your insurance premiums do increase as your roof gets older. Insurance companies consider you a “high-risk client” since you are more susceptible to leaks and shingles being blown off.

In most instances, when we put on a new roof on a home, the home owner receives a discount on their insurance premiums.

What about my deductible?

The good thing about having insurance to pay for your roof is that your only out-of-pocket expense is your deductible.

In some instances, contractors will offer to cover your deductible for you. While that might sounds like a great option, it is not a good idea and illegal.

Insurance pays a set amount, which means that extra cost must come from somewhere. Most of the time, it results in contractors cutting corners and using poor quality products.  

As of November 1, 2019, according to Texas State Law (HB2102), it is illegal for contractors to cover deductibles for homeowners.

How long do I have to file a claim?

Typically, homeowners have six months to one full year to file a claim after a hailstorm.

However, we don’t recommend waiting to file a claim. You run the risk of fresh damage quickly looking like old damage in the Texas heat.

Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover what they deem to be old storm related damage.

How much damage is enough?

Homeowners insurance requires 6-8 visible hail strikes In a 10 x 10 sq ft area on two different sides of the home to total the roof out completely.

Our experienced inspectors perform the same inspections an insurance adjuster would. If we believe the claim is winnable, we will begin the claim management process with your insurance company.

If we don’t believe insurance will cover the roof, we will postpone the claim and make a note to check back with you after the next big storm.

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